Stream of Consciousness

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Shirt or skirt?

I've noticed a new fashion trend over the last few months, shirts that look like they were made for someone born with two torsos. Don't get me wrong, I hate shirts that are too short, but what I've seen is complete overkill. I've seen some that actually hang below the knees. How can anyone wear this and be convinced that they don't look like a complete moron? I only wish I had an actual picture to illustrate how ridiculous they look. Sure, I took part in the big pants trend in the 90s, which also got so big that they could fit a large child in each leg while wearing them, but if these shirts get any longer, the wearer won't even need pants, they'll just have a full-body gown.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

The curse of the telephone

Yesterday I saw a commercial for a cell phone that included unlimited instant messaging via all the IM big boys, Yahoo, MSN, etc. It seemed to me like a good idea, because I've always had issues with talking on the phone. I've never exactly been a chat artist, and calling someone without a purpose never resulted the way I intended. That point in the conversation arrives, that silence burning in your ear when you're lost as to what the next subject should be. What is it about the phone that destroys my concentration?

So I avoid recreational use of the telephone, but it cannot be totally avoided. Whenever I talk to anyone on the phone (other than a select few people with which exists a "phone relationship" with established guidelines that eliminates uncomfortable situations), I can sense a weirdness. The problem is, both individuals are directly connected with no interval of disconnection, so any amount of silence is suffered and ending the conversation and the connection can be awkward. Nextel has advanced significantly in this direction by making phones with Direct Connect. This feature cures the need to fill empty airtime and conduct a proper closure; when there's nothing more to say, you can just walk away without feeling guilty or embarrassed. Maybe with the implementation of new technology, this stressful machine called the telephone can be labelled as obsolete, and moved aside to allow for the next generation of communication devices that prevent social discomfort.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Sometimes it's ok to trail off.

Ever notice when you ask certain people a question or attempt to siphon some feedback, they start to answer then mumble until incoherent? I've encountered this many times, even done it myself on occasion, I believe. What causes this? Is there some function in the brain that just spasms and this is a biproduct? There probably is no answer and there never will be. How do I know this? I studied Physical Attributes of the Cerebral Metatorso and hypothesized that this impossibility is not only impossible, but completely unhappenable. Furthermore, I don't eat fish. Perhaps this is because they swuss foob nuzzelt preed duba choofu snig mmmffns...

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Blogs are overrated.

Yes I do see the irony in saying this on a blog page, but I needed one in order to post other blogs.