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Monday, January 24, 2005

I was one of the top few, an online merchant famous for selling only one product a day, periodically holds photoshop art contests that involve the several specific products that are featured.

The latest contest was a little different, the object being to write a review using Mad Ape Den, a style of writing using only words of three letters or fewer.

For my entry I decided to write about an mp3 player that had been featured, since it would be an easy way to include MAD-translated song lyrics. Here is my entry, that tied for third place:

on-the-go mp3 box for my ear
I do say the box to use mp3 on the go is not bad. No, it is rad! I use it to put the ode set in my ear. Now my ode set I can not put all in one cd in my car can be on me now and on any day. I can go to the god-hut and sit and in my ear is:

I dig a lot of the big ass and I can not lie,
Any of you who are a man can not say, "Not I."
As I see a gal leg in who is a bit hip shy and has an orb in my eye,
I get a pop, as I saw for her to tog her ass she had to try a lot.
Far low in the leg-set she had on, I was in awe and had to spy on.
Oh gal, I yen to get you, and get a pic of you.
My den-boy-set did try to hex,
But thy ass has me all: "me so yen sex"

...and so on. I get all out of it and I say it for all, but a few get mad and I get hit. Ce est la vie!


  • You did pen a top set, bro! I did not ken it was you 'til I did see the bit on the "SoC"! I sit in awe of you and the ad you did. Mad Ape Den is not for the dim.

    By Blogger Nate, at 9:21 AM  

  • I got to say, you got the way!

    By Blogger Duke, at 1:31 PM  

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